Aug 23, 2014

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Ferguson, MO

The Tipping Point In America

Special Commentary By: Latisha D. Simmons

Well, I never thought I’d live to see a revolution but its here… The location? Ferguson, Missouri a small city outside of St. Louis. The world changed on the afternoon of August 9, 2014 when a cop shot Michael Brown six times killing him. Why? For walking in the street and allegedly blocking traffic. After months rather years of unarmed men and women being shot and killed by police this was the last straw…

The people of Ferguson responded to this senseless death with rage and anger. Literally tearing the small town apart. So much so that the police were caught off guard by the public outcry… Some cops had to flee the scene in fear of retaliation from the community… Although many have voiced their displeasure with the riots and looting that took place I say a negative action will invoke and negative response…Its just that simple.. No one knows how someone will respond when their back is against the wall.

The people of Ferguson were crying out after years of oppression in their community… And the world felt their pain. Many cities across the nation came together in solidarity for #MikeBrown… There were and still are protesting happening all over the country… I must say as a black woman living in America and having my civil rights violated on many occasions by the police I feel joy in my heart to see the people of this country rise up!! ¬†You have to stand up for yourself no matter what.. I’m glad I was able to witness the events of Ferguson from a distance. Just when you think people are asleep your realize they’re wide awake! Love it!

Peace & Love To The People of Ferguson, MO!

R.I.P. Mike Brown

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