Jan 2, 2017

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Hip Hop Art

B.I.G. and Tupac Mural in Miami

Welcome to 2017… If you’re reading this that’s really cool since I rarely blog on this site anymore…

I’m still not sure what I want to do with this blog or where I’m going with it but hey… We’ll see what happens. If you recall I did try to sell but there was no interest… THEN I changed my mind about selling all together… smh.

Anyway, so here we are another year of this MahoganyGirl thing.. That I started in 2003!!! Crazy right? These days I’m not as motivated to blog as back then… but sometimes I feel the magic.

So, I’ve been keeping busy with day job stuff, personal stuff and other STUFF.. But I have remained active on social media via Twitter, IG and other spots (You may know that already)… While doing that I have developed an interest in Hip Hop art.. Of course this is nothing new but its new on my radar as far as blogging about it and showcasing the works that I think are so so dope!!! Here are a few of them.. Not sure of the artists but if that information comes to me I will update this post.. of course some of the art is tagged. Enjoy!

Pac and BIG


Nasty Nas


Ice Cube

Biggie Smalls in the Illest

Dopeness selected by yours truly.. LS // MahoganyGirlInc@outlook.com //

  1. Simon Collins says:

    How can I buy this art? 🙂

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