May 11, 2014

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Interview: Lil’ Wayne


Lil’ Wayne
June 2004
By: Latisha Simmons

Lil Wayne signed to Cash Money Records at the young age of 11 and now at 21 he’s a vet in the rap game. Through personal struggles and the lost of his father at age 14, Lil Wayne has always told the stories of his life and the streets through music. This time around Cash Money’s lyrical young gun returns with the release of his fourth album The Carter. Dewayne Carter is out to show that it’s not all about Bling Blinging, but about building his own empire, “Young Money Records.” Lil Weezie Wez is not so little anymore. Take notes as Lil Wayne talks to MahoganyGirl about business, fatherhood, music, marriage and Nivea.

MahoganyGirl: Tell me about your new album, The Carter?

Lil Wayne: This is my fourth solo album. My first album as an adult ’cause I’m 21 now. So I took a better approach to it. I’ve been through a lot of things and I’m still going through some things. Reality is different for me now, so I’m speaking on it.

MG: You just mentioned that you’re 21. So how’s the daddy thing going now?

LW: The daddy thing. [Pause] It’s still the same. I’ve been a man. My pop passed when I was 14. So I’ve been my mom’s husband and my child’s father for five years. So ain’t nothing really changed.

MG: Let’s talk about Cash Money. How is it now with Juvenile back in the mix as part of the family?

LW: I mean… [Long Pause] As far as when you say ‘back in the mix with the family.’ Juvees just back with Cash Money.

MG: Okay…. I see. How is your relationship with Baby now? You’re still the Birdman’s son?

LW: Until I’m 135 years old, I’ma always be the Birdman’s son.

MG: Are you still ghostwriting?

LW: Yea. I wrote a lot on the “Best of Both Worlds 2” album for Baby. I wrote on the Big Tymers album that’s out now for Baby. Baby’s got another solo album coming out called “Bird Season” I wrote a lot of that and on Mannie Fresh’s solo album that’s coming soon. And I got an R&B artist on my label called Real that I’m doing some writing for.

MG: Are you still working with Squad Up?

LW: I don’t know who those guys are.

MG: [Laughs]

LW: I never heard of them. I mean I’ve heard of them but they’re not really important.

MG: How do you feel about your underdog status in the rap game?

LW: I really don’t trip. That ain’t my focus. If that was my focus I wouldn’t be focused. My whole thing is to do me and do me to the fullest. Whoever accepts it, I appreciate it. I know my fans know that there’s nobody that does this thing called rap better than me.

MG: I saw you on BET’s Mad Sports recently. Doing your Marv Albert thing huh?

LW: I ain’t gonna bite nobody like Marv did. [Laughs]

MG: [Laughs]

LW: They asked me to do it. It was cool.

MG: What’s going on in your love life right now?

LW: I got married on February 15th but we separated. It didn’t work so I’m super single. I’m the biggest bachelor in the world.

MG: Was this marriage to Nivea?

LW: No, I didn’t marry Nivea but that’s still my girl. I still got a gang of love for her. I married someone that was a friend. [Pauses] I almost don’t want to say that I did it. It’s like I don’t even want that to come up in Lil Wayne’s history.

MG: What is your ideal woman?

LW: The ideal women for me… I like anybody. As far as appearances, I don’t like a small woman… I really can’t do. [Pauses]

MG: [Laughs]

LW: If you’re under 100 pounds don’t even talk to me.

MG: [Laughs] I’m curious what could a girl expect on a date with Weezie Wez?

LW: I like to go all the way out. The ideal date would be to meet a girl in my city or in any city. We’d meet at noon and have a flight for two and go to Los Angeles. Then eat at Crustations, see the town and have a flight back home.

MG: Are you going on tour soon?

LW: This summer since my albums The Big Tymers, Fresh’s and Juvee’s albums will be out we’re suppose to go on some big tour.

MG: What do you see yourself doing in the future?

LW: I live for the moment. I kinda don’t look into the future but what I wanna be doing is hopefully doing what I’m doing now. If I’m doing that then I’ll really be very blessed.

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