Jan 25, 2015

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1 On 1: Doug Young

Former Ruthless Records and Death Row Records Promoter Drops Gems!

3 Kings!

3 Kings!

Last year I have the chance to have an in depth conversation with former Ruthless Records and Death Row Records promoter Doug Young. After watching this guy give behind the scenes accounts in varies documentaries of his time working for two of the biggest labels in Hip Hop I got my chance to get the real deal scoop from Doug Young for MahoganyGirl.net.

After a few YouTube issues I have decided to deliver the interview to you in uncut raw format. This is the actual phone conversation between myself and Doug Young..

During my interview we discuss Ruthless Records, Ice Cube, Jerry Heller, Dr. Dre, Hip Hop, Dre vs. Eazy, West vs. East, Priority Records, Death Row and we also share a lot of laughs. Classic Material!

You can download the interview or upload it to your DropBox now!

Doug Young Interview >> RAW FOOTAGE AUDIO [2 Hours]

Hope U Enjoy It! Peace!


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