Mar 31, 2014

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Interview: Sauce Money

sauce moneySauce Money
Greatest Story Never Told
June 2008
By: Latisha Simmons

Sauce Money has to be one of the greatest Hip Hop stories never told… A Lyrical giant with ill flows, punchlines for days and charisma many have asked what happen to Sauce Money? A native of Brooklyn’s Marcy projects, Sauce got his start in Hip Hop at a young age… His talent was undeniable from jump to those who remembered his come up back in the days… After dropping heat on songs with Jay Z and Jaz O, Sauce Money was establishing a name for himself… So much so he eventually made more of a historical mark for himself as a ghostwriter in Hip Hop instead of just being a rapper, his works are Grammy winning… Sauce Money’s debut album, Middle Finger U is considered a classic to many hardcore Hip Hop heads but failed to succeed and disappeared for reasons that seemed to be unknown until now… investigates the story of how a gifted and Grammy award winning emcee can fade into oblivion after making a ground breaking entry into Hip Hop. Do you think its too late for Sauce Money to make a Hip Hop comeback? Still a lyrical beast, focused and motivated he talks openly with MG about his life, the next chapter and what HE really thinks happen to his music career… For the first time ever Marcy legend Sauce Money tells his Hip Hop story and for those outside of the industry, it may shock you…

MahoganyGirl: What’s good Sauce, How are you?

Sauce Money: Every things good. How you?

MG: Chillin’… For those who don’t know how did you get your start in Hip Hop?

Sauce Money: I came up with Jay Z.

MG: Where did the name Sauce Money come from?

Sauce Money: Nickname my man gave me back in the days coming up in the hood. I went from Tartar Sauce to Sauce Money to Sauce Motherfuckin to Salsa Dinero. Now its just SAUCEY, for the ladies!

MG: I like it… Can you talk about Marcy projects? What are some of your favorite or least favorite memories of life there?

Sauce Money: My favorite moment had to be seeing my man Doc overcome his drug addiction. My least favorite of course was when my mother passed.

MG: Sorry for your loss… How did you deal with the pain during that period of your life?

Sauce Money: I knew she was in GOD’s hands so I wasn’t worried. Of course from the physical aspect I will always miss her, but she knew my love for her. Besides I will see her soon enough!

MG: You left BK to attend Allen University in South Carolina. What was that like, were you partying and chasing women?

Sauce Money: What I respect about that time of my life was it prepared me for independence. Pledging Que and balling on the college level was dope. Far as women, I do my thing wherever whenever. That’s EASY!

MG: Yeah, pimping is a hard habit to break… Did you know Jay Z and Jaz O before you left for college?

Sauce Money: Yeah, we go back single digits pretty much.

MG: How did you connect with them back then?

Sauce Money: Regular hood shit. They were rhyming before me, so when they found out, it just made sense to fuck with me.

MG: Alright, I want to jump right into it… Knowing about how you came up Jay Z and Jaz O back when, I think the question everyone wants to know is why didn’t you end up signing with Roc-a-fella Records? What happen?

Sauce Money: Never got along with Dame, so when I got the call from Wendy Goldstein of MCA she said they didn’t want me apart of Roc-a-fella anymore… Would have never imagined it was my man behind it all along.

MG: So do you think Jay Z saw you as a threat to his career?

Sauce Money: Of course, I had just won a Grammy and didn’t even drop an album yet… You tell me?

MG: That’s crazy Sauce… You ended up signing to Priority Records, how did that come about?

Sauce Money: I had a record with Puff called “Star wars”… I just finished working with him on his album and I thought it made perfect sense to lead with that record because of the history.. My label (MCA) didn’t see it at the time… That was an easy call so if they couldn’t get that, it didn’t make sense for me to be there. Priority stepped in. Because of my departure from the Roc, I really didn’t have a lot of options to be honest. Niggas was to leary to fuck with me.

MG: Okay, so of course all this drama messed the promotion of Middle Finger U… Looking back on that entire situation now… Why do you think the album didn’t get the shine it deserved in Hip Hop?

Sauce Money: As far as Middle Finger U is concerned, you can thank Jaz O for that. Him being a two faced cocksucker gave niggas the fuel they needed to go hard on the hate… The Roc threatening lawsuits on a label (Priority Records) that I just got to. Motherfuckers getting ready to lose their jobs because of Jaz O… I hope he lives forever.

MG: (Laughs) Wow.. (For those who may not get it.. MCA was apart of the Universal Music Group back in the days, which was home to Def Jam and Roc-a-fella Records…) What happen with the Priority deal.. In retrospect was it good or bad?

Sauce Money: Well, after all the drama and people fearing for their jobs because of me, they fell back. They didn’t drop me. They held me for a few years. But there was no support at all. Good move yeah, bad situation absolutely.

MG: You’ve stayed out of the spotlight but maintained a presence in Hip Hop music, Is that by choice?

Sauce Money: Its cool to have your hands on a few things and people not even know its you. Sort of like a MOB BOSS! Definitely by choice. I’m not a addict for the fame.

MG: True, fame is bullshit anyway… You’ve built an amazing track record as a ghostwriter in Hip Hop, most people know you wrote “I’ll Be Missing You” for Puffy.. How was it creating that song and what was going through your mind?

Sauce Money: Two things, the moment was so Huge. We just lost a icon in B.I.G.. And to be able to have apart in the process of eulogizing him was a gift from God for me. Not only did it win the Grammy, but it is still the most sold single in Hip Hop History… Can’t ever take that from me. Second, it just bought me closer to my moms on a spiritual level. She help put me in the zone.

MG: Can you talk about other joints you’ve ghostwritten?

Sauce Money: Nah..

MG: C’mon Sauce man.. (Laughs) I’ma find out eventually anyway… Are you still ghostwriting now?

Sauce Money: Of course.

MG: Hmmmm. I’ll give you a pass for now… On the flip side can ghosting be lucrative for someone coming in the game?

Sauce Money: It could be if you’re become smart with your earnings… One song can change the way you live your life but you have to be wise.

MG: You stepped back into the spotlight for Jay Z’s I Declare War concert… How was that experience for you?

Sauce Money: It was cool. After being NOT cool for a few years with your man, to do it big like that was alright.

MG: Everyone knows Jay Z brought Nas out on stage too.. What did you think about that, since you were there that night?

Sauce Money: It was ok… People say it was good for Hip Hop, but I know it wasn’t and still isn’t really embraced like that.

MG: I’ll co-sign that… You’ve been a little more visible in recent years.. Are you making moves toward a new record deal right now or do you just want to stay independent and make music here and there?

Sauce Money: Feeling it out right now. There is a void in east coast music. The old regime has pretty much put the mic down to me. I will drop a few joints to see if the people respond, then make a decision from there. I do feel like the people want to here this story I’m giving to you… Never really spoke on some of the behind the scenes issues I experienced in my career. Maybe I’ll write a book? (Laughs)

MG: Sounds like a plan to me.. What do you think about the downloading and technology impact on Hip Hop music today?

Sauce Money: Its more challenging for the machines. Independent artists should welcome it and new artists trying to make a name for themselves should thank God for this new technology.

MG: True. What’s next for you on the business side?

Sauce Money: I’m working with this artist name Michael Brian. He’s a star! Made for TV, it just so happens that he can rap. If I’m right, SNS and myself will see this kid on the big screen. Oh by the way, he’s white! But a fucking monster when it comes to making BIG records. Look out for him, about close to 9 million hits on his Myspace and YouTube and all that stuff. I’m still learning. (Laughs)

MG: When you’re not ghostwriting for moguls and handling business.. How do you like to spend your time?

Sauce Money: My pops is recently recovering from open heart surgery, so I look forward to spending as much time with him as possible. When I’m not working or with him, I enjoy playing chess with my brother LG.

MG: When you look back on everything do you have any negative feelings about the music industry?

Sauce Money: No negatives, to me everything is character building. If you can overcome your adversities you will become better for it. I never complained about the foul shit niggas did to me. I just fought through it and I think that’s another reason why the game would embrace me again. He didn’t bitch and moan he just did it. A Sauce Money comeback, what a story. I think I could sell it? What do you think?

MG: Sounds like new money to me… Speaking of checks do you want me to collect the royalties from rappers saying “Cut the check or suck a dick” because I will homie just say the word…

Sauce Money: Yeah, you can keep all that money too… I got a few hundred other clever cliches that brothers owe the kid for. I will donate that one to you. Ya know?

MG: (Laughs) Cool.. That’s one of my favorite Hip Hop quotes… What would you like to say to all the fans and people that have stuck with you after all these years?

Sauce Money: Thanks for the love! I will never forget and who knows, I might not be done yet. There could be a new album in the works. The 2nd Coming? Hmmm! Gotta nice ring to it!

MG: Why not, you can’t lose the rap game is dry as hell right now… Thanks for sharing your time and story Sauce.. It really puts things in perspective for fans like myself that have been wondering about you… I respect you for being real and honest..

Sauce Money: That’s all the questions… Come on, you only ask me 30 of them. (Laughs) Thank you for your time… RESPECT!

MG: Funny.. Glad to see you can still get a jab in… (Laughs)

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