Aug 25, 2015

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MG Picks: Top Apps


MG Picks: Mobile Application Picks For Android (Volume 1)

Commentary By: Latisha D. Simmons

I consider myself to be a semi app junkie right now… I have about 250+ apps (some came on the phone others added by me) on my Samsung phone and I switch them out here and there at my leisure… So I decided since I have this blog and I like giving my opinion every now and then I’d share my top app picks for android right now.. Of course this will change in a day or so but hey hence volume 1…

  1. Spotify: Love this music streaming app and I’ve been paying for the premium version for almost a year. It cost $9.99 (I think) and you get unlimited commercial free streaming. I usually find all the music I like via the app except some rare r&b tracks i.e. one hit wonders that probably no one remembers.. I also found out recently via my Roku TV streaming stick device that you get access to a “weekly discovery” playlist with random cool tracks. Only via Roku didn’t seem to find it via the phone.. Either way its cool.  Extras: Love love love the cross fade option..
  2. Photofy: Photo editing app. Love this. Since I like to post a lot of photos via my Instagram @MahoganyGirlInc I sometimes need to edit a picture or re size it before I post it. This app does the job. I also use it to create memes. Disclaimer: Memes on my Instagram may or may not have been create by me.
  3. Amazon: The pile of boxes in my outside storage closet says it all. I find myself shopping on Amazon at least 3 to 4 times per month. Great products and great prices. Excellent service as well via the vendors they use.. Only issue is when you order not realizing something is coming from China.. No disrespect to China it just takes a bit too long. Probably haters at customs..
  4. Lookout: Just got this security anti virus app when I bought my latest phone. It backs up your data once per day and also backs up your contacts. In addition to all that goodness it also scans all your new apps for viruses and other shady stuff.
  5. Russia Today: I’ll keep this short and sweet.. If you want an extra news point of view AND stories that CBS may conveniently miss.. Get this app!
  6. Periscope: This app from Twitter is a police officers worse nightmare. It lets you broadcast live videos. Its been hanging around for a minute and I’m surprised it hasn’t picked up more steam. You can record anything you want live and people watching your broadcast can comment on what they see… Dopeness!
  7. Pluto TV: This streaming entertainment app is a rare gem. I discovered it when I bought Chrome cast, which I immediately dumped for Roku.. lol This app has several entertainment channels for your viewing pleasure… a Dr. Dre channel, Rhianna Channel, Oprah channel, Hip Hop channel etc. The channels are complied of videos hand picked by some wonderful souls at Pluto TV. When I saw them playing Slick Rick “I shouldn’t of done it…” I knew they met business.
  8. Vinted: Love this retail app with a twist. The clothing is pre loved i.e. previously owned. Although I have purchased a few items from Vinted that were brand new with tags. In addition to clothing you’ll find shoes, accessories and much more! Another monkey on my back but I’m happy to claim it. Dopeness!
  9. ADP: If you like to keep track of your day job money even though you have direct deposit. This is the app to do it. The ADP app lets you keep track of all your pay checks and W2 data. So you know exactly how much uncle Sam is stealing from you.. lol
  10. MahoganyGirl: Well, last but not least is my very own MahoganyGirl app available via the Google Play store. Its not fancy (YET!) its basically the mobile version of this website… Stay tuned for more on this app once I figure out what I want to do with it.

Hope you enjoyed these..

If you have suggestions for volume 2 hit me via email


MG Mobile App Picks

MG Mobile App Picks



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