Jul 31, 2015

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Short & Sweet: RedBox Picks

Kingsman: The Secret Service

Kingsman: The Secret Service

Ten RedBox Picks by Brooke “Always Ready” Mason

Movie ideas for those with short attention spans… yep!

Big Eyes: I almost lost faith in the Burton but I think he grew up here. This empowering biopic does just what it should, telling a very interesting true story without getting swallowed up in style with great performances by Christoph Waltz and Amy Adams. Probably the best movie Burton has done since Ed Wood and definitely worth a watch.

Ex Machina: This movie on the topic of artificial intelligence was so good I had to watch it twice in a row and for me that is always a sign of a good film. This is thought provoking science fiction that borders on horror and satire. Oscar Isaac offers a multi-dimensional performance that keeps you guessing as the megalomaniac mad scientist.

Slow West: When I heard that Michael Fassbender was in a Western I was all in. Unfortunately this movie puts the slow in the slow west. If you are a fan of old school spaghetti westerns this is worth a go but comparing this movie to Unforgiven is unforgiveable.

Kingsman: The Secret Service: I could not handle this movie. I couldn’t believe one reviewer dared to say it was better than a Bond film. Not only was it slow, Samuel L Jackson has a silly lisp that undermines his total badness when he should and could have played a really cool villain. On top of that there is some major ultraviolence in this film that although is a part of the plot just felt needlessly gratuitous as a ploy to get our attention in an otherwise pretty boring film with characters you don’t really care about.

Jupiter Ascending: I heard nothing but good things about this movie. The characters are pretty melodramatic but the costumes are cool. There are definitely some fun moments and Channing Tatum is pretty. Not the best action sci-fi, but definitely a fun popcorn movie.

Blindsided: This movie was originally called Penthouse North but is a new release for Redbox under the name Blindsided. The movie by any title is just an embarrassment. I couldn’t believe Michael Keaton produced and starred in it. We’ve seen and heard the plot too many times to count that a blind woman is exploited by robbers. I guess they thought the twist ending would be worth the wait but it felt about as interesting as the rest of the story. And Keaton threw a cat. Yes, no matter how many times I see it I still get upset when cat throwing is added to a movie as a “joke” or for any other reason.

Chappie: I wanted to like this movie. It had a sweet ending but not really worth the long drawl. That said I did enjoy it more than District 9, the previous Neill Blomkamp film.

The Gambler: This was a completely unbelievable movie that tried and failed miserably to imitate a similar plot of the far more intelligently written and fun gambling movie “21.” What is sad is that not even John Goodman, Jessica Lange or Mark Walberg could polish this stinker. I know, I know…It should have been good!

Selma: This movie will make you weep it is so righteous. Based on the true story of Martin Luther King’s fight to march from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama in 1965. Incredible casting and direction. Definitely one of the most powerful films I have seen in years, probably since Gran Torino in 2008!

Interstellar: Although a lot of critics said Interstellar was “not so stellar” if you are a fan of Stanley Kubrick you will probably appreciate this movie. Good science fiction!


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