Aug 23, 2014

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Short & Sweet: RedBox Picks


Redbox Grabs by Brooke Mason

Brooke reviews a handful of movies now available on Redbox!

Her: This is a sweet existential look at the life cycle of love from Spike Jones. Arguably a science fiction film, Scarlett Johannson brilliantly portrays the voice of a transcending operating system. The film is also a cinematic love letter to Los Angeles. Truly heartfelt and sure to bring a tear to the eye!

Inside Llewyn Davis: I expected a lot more from this film. The Coen Brothers made this movie before and it was called Barton Fink. I know a lot of people really loved this movie but I’d still recommend Fargo, Blood Simple or Hudsucker Proxy over ILD.

American Hustler: Amy Adams steals the show but Jennifer Lawrence is melodramatic enough to make you want to stop watching. Although the voiceover detracts from the action the story pulls together for a twist ending that makes this movie worth the watch.

The Grand Budapest: This was a fun little who-done-it told in a flash back style. It was nice to see F. Murray Abraham (Amadeus) take on that storyteller role again. As part of the Wes Anderson pantheon TGB holds up with great visual appeal. My only beef with this movie was a scene which was placed in the film’s trailers for what must have been seen as comic appeal; a completely inappropriate cat killing that was not only gross and not funny but also completely irrelevant to the story.

Argo: This is a movie like “Apollo 13.” You know it was based on a true story and therefore the outcome, yet thanks to extraordinary direction and a tight script this leaves you on the edge of your seat from the first to last frame of the film. Of all the films I’ve seen recently this is the one I’d watch again and recommend you see!

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