May 4, 2014

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Sofitel Hotel Delivers French Dining



Sofitel Hotel: An Evening At Gaby Restaurant | By: Monica Link |

If you’re looking for the taste of France without the expense of an international flight, spend an evening at Gaby, located inside The Sofitel Hotel, New York City. From first time French dining to the French food expert, Gaby does not disappoint with its menu selections, knowledgeable staff and VIP service for all of its guests.

I recently had an experience dining at the restaurant and meeting with executive chef, Sylvain Harribey.
The ambiance of the restaurant is relaxing with dim lighting, contemporary French music and flavorful dishes. My experiences with French cuisine were limited but the staff at Gaby made sure each dish was explained with care. The staff recommends the appropriate wine selections for each dish, making the meal unforgettable.

Among the menu items are smoked salmon served on a bed of crisp greens, Foie Gras – a mouth watering tuna dish, shrimp, lobster and my personal favorite, oven roasted duck breast. The duck was tender, juicy and the highlight of my meal at the Gabby. Dessert items include crème broulee – a famous french sweet custard dessert, cheesecake and more. Price ranges are friendly to tourists experiencing a night on the town or an evening of fine dining.

Chef Harribey said he focuses on bringing out the natural flavor of the food as he prepares and seasons each dish. He’s helped the hotel launch several of its United States operations as well as working for the posh hotel’s restaurants in France. Here’s more about Gaby’s executive chef Sylvain Harribey. Chef Harribey has been with Sofitel’s Gaby over a decade.

MG: What inspired you to become a chef?

CH: Watching my mother cook while growing up in France. I’ve always had an interest in cooking and food.

MG: What’s your favorite dish to prepare at Gaby?

CH: I love to prepare Foie Gras. It’s a favorite of the guests at the restaurant. I can prepare the recipe without even thinking about the ingredients. It just comes to me naturally.

MG: Why have you continued to work with Sofitel at Gaby?

CH: This is a great company who not only cares about its employees, but about the guests and providing quality service. I enjoy being a part of the experience here. I’ve spent the past three years in New York and I enjoy it very much.

Gaby, located at 45 west 44th street, New York, NY is open from brunch through 10pm daily. For reservations and more information visit

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