Aug 9, 2017

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North Florida Vacay Eats

So, I found myself on an unexpected summer vacation in Florida this year… Me and Flo go waaaay back.. My grandma is from Fort Lauderdale so I would spend my summers there, me and my dad would travel there and most recently I lived there while doing my mental health training.. which lead to a certification in peer support… Anyway, during this unexpected vacay.. I experienced some of the tastiest restaurants.. I had to share… check out the juicy details below:

River Grille, Ormond Beach FL 🌅

Dets: I had their Shrimp po boy with red beans and rice. This was a nice spot with an excellent view. The restaurant is right on the river.. Guess that’s why they call it River Grille hehehe. The food was great and not to pricey. For myself to eat plus dessert was about $20. Portion size was nice too. 😍💕🌞

Hull’s Seafood Restaurant, Ormond Beach FL 🌅

Dets: This place is addictive. I’ve currently been there twice but that will change soon. On my first visit I had their shrimp and fish platter. OMG 😍 so so good. They have their own fish market next door so of course it’s fresh and tasty. I also tried their blue crab gumbo and that was excellent as well. 😎😍🌞💕 About $20 bucks for the platter.

Metro Diner, Palm Coast FL 🌴

Dets: I had a good feeling about this spot before I even tried it.. and I was right. 😁 I tried the chicken and waffles with strawberry butter.. which I didn’t even know existing… It was great. I did order the dinner portion instead of lunch.. which left me with lots of leftovers to take home. The grub was about $18. Not to bad. 🌴💕🌞😎

Sonnys BBQ, Bushnell FL 🌞💕🌴

Dets: Straight smoked BBQ… Juicy and yummy 😍 What I love about Sonny’s is you can taste the grilled flavor. Authentic BBQ no doubt.. And cheap.. this chicken plate was $9.99 which was a special at the time but their overall menu is relatively cheap. Cheap and good eats is always a win 😍😁😎💕

Pollo Tropical, Jacksonville FL 🌅

Dets: Love this place. Use to go from time to time during my Fort Lauderdale days… Glad I had a chance to revisit the yummyness.. not a word but hey.. I usually always get their Caribbean ribs but on this day I tried the Chipotle chicken sandwich. It was great. Lots of flavor.. juicy and healthy and/or low calorie… Waffle fries were good too. Don’t recall the price but overall they are reasonable. 🌴😍😁😎

Hope you enjoyed my vacation dining run down 🌞🌴💕 Peace.. Latisha Simmons 😎

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